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Rebuilding The Nation


Rebuilding the Nation by Sky Reed

Rebuilding the Nation by Sky Reed

Ang Kabataan ay ang Pag-asa ng Bayan. It translates to: The Youth is the hope of our Nation. A simple quote by the Philippine National hero, Jose Rizal. It is very simple yet hard to illustrate – because of its deep thought.

But many people doubt this saying anymore because as said from Pinoy-Anime-Artists, the young generation here in the Philippines is like most of us do nothing all day than texting to almost every time in ‘j3j3m0n’, cutting classes, being ‘so madly in love’ at a very young age, or maybe just about anything that makes people think we’re so worthless that some might say ‘We’re not worth living’.

Does it make you cry?

As printed in our history books and said by teachers, Our National Hero ‘Jose Rizal’ said it himself to our country that:

“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.”
(The youth is the hope of our country)

This quote still gave inspiration to us future heroes, until now but, are we still the youth who are the heroes mentioned above?

Well, we don’t want to be called worthless from our parents, now do we?

So that paragraph (modified a little by me) was posted in the website of Pinoy-Anime-Artists, a group at deviantArt which promotes their contests to make artworks with its theme related to the quote featured above.

I was challenged by the theme because of its simplicity yet hard to illustrate meaning. I had no plans of joining the contest, just their online group but this really made me wonder. It was hard making an artwork at first but, in the end, I was able to come up with one.

Our nation (Philippines) is now degrading from its current government and is still striving to grow.
That’s why today, its up to the Youth to decide whether this nation will stay or its ought to sink in the deep sea.

Our grandparents and parents will soon grow old and tired and will be not able to continue their passion in taking care of our country. They had left gaps and failures so it is in our (Youth’s) hands to complete the blocks that form our country.

We can complete it by helping each other in our own little way. We are future doctors, nurses, artists, architects, scientists,chefs,presidents and so on. That’s why we should not let our lives be thrown away by simple emotional problems, difficulties in studies and other vices because there is more than that that awaits us once we finished our schooling. We should realize that we have something big to do in the future, We will be independent. that’s why we should not give up! Because holding on to your dreams will get you out of your sorrows. Our success will be our country’s glory. It is a legacy to remember and to act upon. So, let’s hold hands and reach out to each other, together we will be able to live on.

So, In the end, we can be still the Heroes of our nation. It’s just sometimes we are shadowed by our problems and missing the bigger picture that “We are better than that“. Or sometimes, we already know that we are great but we are too competitive that we just want all the glory by ourselves, become greedy and boastful and never give chance to others.

And this quote or saying does not just apply in our country but in the other countries as well, specially in the whole  world. Maybe its just we should not just take care of our country’s future but for the world as well. If we just dissolve all the walls of racism, homophobia, pessimism and ego-centrism we can do better and maximize our potentials together and make the world a better place. So, No more talking, Act now!

That’s all for tonight. Have a nice day.


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